Market segments

Large diameters above 1500 mm

Medium size diameters from 600 mm up to 1600 mm

Small diameters below 600 mm

Every maintenance job has a unique configuration. Our team looks for the best approach to address site access conditions, rehabilitation requirements to meet safety, quality and shortest planning using robotized solutions.

Our innovative approach covers a complete range of services from

  • method statement based on site conditions
  • design, robotized machine and associated tools,
  • site mobilization plan to execute works in harsh conditions in the shortest planning
  • Quality control

We recruit and train our team members to our unique methods and tools to ensure a high quality of service and responsiveness. Our ambition is to introduce robotization where traditional methods have reached their limits in terms of Safety and poor working conditions.

We believe in innovation to transform and improve working conditions and quality of service.


Hydropower penstocks, water supply networks, industrial pipelines are assets to be preserved and maintained.

Site Access and harsh work conditions have long been the cause of accidents and obstacles to undertake maintenance works. Long period of rehabilitation works leading to production losses are largely impacting the decision process when owners consider the preservation and life span extension of their assets.

Based on this observation shared with owners, our service offer introduces robotized method to overcome harsh conditions and avoid risk exposure during maintenance operations inside penstock and pipelines.

Starting from the site conditions assessment and based on robotized machine and equipment designed by Battakarst, our teams work on the best method to execute all the tasks required for the internal rehabilitation of penstocks or pipelines.

  • Cleanning
  •  Surface preparation requested by coating product manufacturers
  •  Corrosion protective coating application (mainly epoxy 2K products)
  •  Water seals rehabilitation

Our combined expertise brought by our partners and shareholders Battaglino and Hydrokarst in the field of coating, surface preparation, site work, rope access, confined area and automation / mechanical design are key assets to set up a reliable level of service.

Our priority is to satisfy our customers while ensuring employees and site safety during the preparation and execution phases. Robotized machines leads to greater safety and healthier work conditions for Battakarst team and its customers.