Using a robot to execute tiresome tasks

Battakarst’s concept is based on a mobile carrier where automated tools can be fixed on its head.

It progresses inside any type of conduit from 200 mm and above 2500 mm diameter. It can run and operate through bends, progress forward and backward in any inclination to suit the typical configuration of hydropower penstocks installed on steep slopes and upto vertical.
The operation can start from any end : uphill or downhill without the need of cable winch since the mobile carrier is self propelled.

The operations are remotelly controlled from a control desk located outside and in a safe and sheltered platform.

Quality control

A set of several video cameras is installed on the mobile carrier to provide a view on all areas in order to control the work progress and potential risks from the remote desk. The operator is able to perform quality control and corrective measures.
All events are stored for reporting purpose.
Instruments are also embedded on the mobile carrier to control internal and wall temperature, hygrometry, air speed in real time. These data are recorded for quality control purpose.

Site management

Our site team members provide a superior level of service to our customers. Robotization transforms the site organization and management. It requires higher level of skill sets. From preparation phase, site mobilisation, team and site management, automated processes and quality control, Battakarst’s resources are committed to make robotization of dangerous tasks a real added value for customers.

Understanding and responding to customer expectations in terms of safety, quality and planning are at the heart of Battakarst’s values.

Automated surface preparation

Surface preparation is required prior coating application. Battakarst’s has developped a unique and patented process able to satisfy coating industry standard to guarantee coating quality over the years.

Dust free blasting automated process. 3 in 1 process : grit blasting, dusting, abrasive recycling

Battakarst’s robot carries a 3 axis automated arm where a vacuum grit blasting head is operated in close circuit. Grit blasting media is vacuumed and sent back to a recycling plant outside. Once cleaned, the blasting media is propelled again upto the blasting head for continuous surface preparation.

Waste products are collected at the recycling/separating plant for adequate treatment. Hazardeous wastes such as asbestos or lead are therefore kept under safe control.

Compared to traditional method where 3 steps are commonly required :

Step 1

Grit blasting

Step 2


Step 3


Battakarst has developped a process where the three steps are performed in one single step.

This saves time and human resources and it is cleaner!

SA 2½ surface preparation (ISO 8503-1 Standard) is reached and controlled either through an agreed test or during execution with video cameras.

Airless spray painting with robot

Battakarst funds its experience on its shareholder Battaglino. A long experience in corrosion protective coating on large infrastructure such as hydropower penstocks meeting ACQPA and FROSIO standards.

Performing fully automated airless spray painting requires an experience in :

  • Product preparation meeting fully controlled mixing ratio
  •  Carrying visceous product under high pressure and temperature controlled over 250 meters distance upto airlesse spray gun
  • Airless spray gun movement to apply the right wet paint thickness
  • Control the climatic conditions during spraying process according to accepted standard
  • Satisfy ACQPA and/or FROSIO standard to guarantee the coating quality over several years.

Battakarst’s innovations integrate a full set of technologies including automation and experience in all these aspects to achieve fully automated airless spraying and meet industry demand.

Battakarst’s process uses :

  • A plural component paint system
  • Thermo-regulated high pressure hose (epoxy products feeder)
  • Remote control of automated airless spraying process
  • An automated arm carrying the automatic spray gun with variable speed
  • A control desk where all spraying parameters are driven

Hence, airless spraying process is fully automated removing all human presence inside the penstock for safety purpose.

Once the system is prepared and epoxy products are loaded and under pressure, the carrier is positioned at the extreme end of the pipe and starts spraying while rotating the automated arm and moving backward to apply a full coating layer. At any time, the operator monitors the ongoing process from the video screens on its control desk to meet continuous quality.

Video screen on control desk

Bras robotisé équipé d’un pistolet automatique

Automated arm carrying airless spray gun

Unité de dosage bi-composants

Plural component mixing system

Pupitre de commande

Control desk